WaterBear Screen Cleaner Reviews: Does It Works OR Scam?

WaterBear cleans any screen in seconds using NASA technology. Available exclusively online through GetWaterBear.io, WaterBear cleans phones, laptops, tablets, and other devices, keeping your devices free of smudges, grime, and bacteria. Because it sticks to your device, it’s always accessible.

WaterBear Reviews

Does WaterBear live up to the hype? How does WaterBear work? Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about the unique new product today in our review.

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What is WaterBear?

WaterBear is an electronics cleaning product that sticks to your device, making it easy to clean any device in seconds.

You can use WaterBear to clean smudges from your screen, wipe away dirt and grime, keep camera lenses clean, and ensure your electronics always stay clean. You can also use it on eyeglasses, monitors, laptops, and virtually any other surface.

WaterBear Features

Once you’re done using WaterBear, just rinse it with ordinary tap water, then attach it back onto your electronic device. Each WaterBear has a reusable sticky pad, making it easy to access your WaterBear at any point.

The secret to WaterBear’s effectiveness is the combination of nano carbon technology and an antimicrobial formula. The nano carbon technology – used by NASA to clean sensitive space equipment – attracts dirt and grime to it, making it easy to clean your device. The antimicrobial formula, meanwhile, helps to sanitize the surface and get rid of bacteria.

How Does WaterBear Work?

WaterBear is designed as a superior alternative to conventional screen cleaners and microfiber cloths.

You attach WaterBear to your device using the included sticky pad. You can attach it to your laptop keyboard, the back of your phone, or the edge of your computer monitor, among other easily accessible areas.

WaterBear Reviews

WaterBear stays on your device at all times, making it easy to access. Then, when you need to clean your screen, you simply remove WaterBear from the adhesive patch and clean your screen.

The secret to WaterBear’s success is the use of NASA cleaning technology. WaterBear uses a small yet powerful cleaning material – the same cleaning material used by NASA – to wipe away virtually ALL smudges, grime, and dirt from a screen or lens.

That cleaning technology is a nano-carbon blended material that magnetically attracts and traps grime, oils, smudges, and spills, leaving a clean screen behind. The material organically attracts contaminants on your screen, making it superior to microfiber cloths and screen cleaning solutions – many of which simply push grime around your screen.

WaterBear is also infused with an antimicrobial agent, making it easier to sanitize your devices. Instead of simply moving around dirt and grime on your screen, WaterBear kills bacteria, making your phone safer.

When you’re done cleaning with WaterBear, you can re-attach it to the sticky adhesive. Or, you can wash and reuse the pad if it’s dirty. Each pad is designed to last long-term, allowing you to clean your device thousands of times per pad.

WaterBear Features

WaterBear is designed to be more convenient than screen cleaners and more effective than microfiber cloths, helping you enjoy clean devices and lens anywhere you go.

Here are some of the unique features behind WaterBear:

Works on Virtually Any Device: WaterBear works on computer monitors, tablets, smartphones, cameras, and more.

Avoid Blurry Photos: WaterBear is great for cleaning the lenses of your smartphone camera or DSLR, which means you don’t need to worry about blurry photos.

Nano Carbon Blended Material: WaterBear’s NASA technology is a nano carbon material. That material organically attracts particles, making WaterBear superior to microfiber cloths and screen cleaning solutions. Instead of simply pushing dirt and grime around your screen, WaterBear attracts particles and removes them. Then, you wash WaterBear under water to remove particles from WaterBear.

WaterBear Pricing

Free Shipping: All WaterBear purchases include free shipping to any address in the United States.

Lifetime Warranty: WaterBear will replace your WaterBears with new ones for life. All purchases are backed by a lifetime warranty.

Designed in the United States: All WaterBears are proudly designed in Utah.

NASA Technology: According to the official WaterBear website, WaterBear uses the same cleaning technology as NASA. NASA uses this cleaning technology to keep high-tech space equipment clean. That same cleaning solution is in the palms of your hands with WaterBear.

Washable & Reusable: You can wash and reuse WaterBear as needed. If your WaterBear collects dirt and grime, for example, then you can clean it and continue reusing a clean cloth.

Silicone Adhesive Back with No Residue: WaterBear sticks to your devices without leaving residue. It’s a silicone adhesive back that sticks to common surfaces – like laptops and smartphones – without leaving sticky residue or other particles behind.

Infused with Antimicrobial Solution: WaterBear doesn’t just push around dirt and grime. Each WaterBear has an antimicrobial infusion to kill bacteria, making your devices safer to use. The average smartphone screen has more germs than a toilet seat. Keep your devices clean with WaterBear.

Safe on Cameras: WaterBear’s technology will never scratch anything, making it ideal for use on all types of camera lenses. If you’re worried about cleaning your high-end camera lenses with a cheap microfiber cloth, then WaterBear could be a better solution.

WaterBear Features

Small Enough to Use on Any Device: WaterBear is small enough to place on the tips of your fingers, making it easy to use on devices of all sizes. Whether you’re cleaning a smartphone or a computer monitor, you can easily maneuver WaterBear in small spaces to eliminate all mess.

Multiple Sizes Available: Each WaterBear pack comes with multiple sizes of cleaning pads, including fingertip pads for smartphones and larger pads for computer monitors. You can attach the larger pad to your laptop and the smaller pad to your smartphone to keep all your devices clean.

Never Loses Stickiness: You can continue using WaterBear as needed, and it never loses its stickiness. Even after running WaterBear under water to clean it, you can easily re-apply WaterBear to your smartphone or laptop. Stick and peel over and over again.

WaterBear Main Benefits

WaterBear comes with the following benefits:

  • Backed by lifetime warranty
  • Works on all types of devices, screens, glasses, cameras, and more
  • Sticks to any surface for easy access
  • Remove dirt, grime, and smudges
  • Infused with antibacterial agent for superior clean
  • More effective than microfiber cloths and more convenient than sprays or wipes

How to Use WaterBear

You use WaterBear by peeling, wiping clean, and sticking. It’s an easy three-step process that takes seconds to perform:

WaterBear Reviews
  • Step 1) Peel WaterBear away from your device.
  • Step 2) Use the non-sticky side of WaterBear to wipe your screen or lens clean.
  • Step 3) Stick WaterBear back onto your device.

If you need to clean WaterBear, just rinse it under ordinary tap water. You can continue to reuse WaterBear a virtually unlimited number of times – even after rinsing it. The pad never loses its stickiness or cleaning power.

Where to Use WaterBear

You can use WaterBear to clean virtually any device – from smartphones to expensive camera lenses and everything in between.

WaterBear has a “never scratch” design, which means it won’t damage your device. Instead, it easily wipes away smudges, grime, and dirt while leaving no residue behind.

Some of the devices on which to use WaterBear include:

  • Phone screens
  • iPads
  • Eyeglasses
  • Camera lenses
  • Computer monitors
  • Laptops, tablets, and more

Who Created WaterBear?

WaterBear was invented by Cary Decker, who was tired of using screen and lens cleaners to clean his devices. He found them too bulky, difficult to carry around, and messy – so he created a better solution.

After months of testing, Cary discovered a small, powerful cleaning material used by NASA. That cleaning material has the unique ability to remove virtually any smudge on a screen or lens.

Cary launched his idea on Kickstarter and received support for 6,000 backers. Since launch, Cary and his team have sold 300,000 WaterBears worldwide, saving phones around the world from smudges, grime, and dirt.

WaterBear Reviews: What Do Customers Say?

WaterBear has strong reviews online from users around the world. The project was initially launched with the help of 6,000 backers. Since launch, thousands of customers have kept their devices clean with WaterBear.

Here are some of the WaterBear reviews found online and shared by verified purchasers:

One customer described WaterBear as “convenient and excellent quality,” finding it very convenient for cleaning all types of devices.

Many customers love how WaterBear comes in different sizes, including small and large sizes for different types of devices.

WaterBear is popular with those who have used screen cleaning solutions or microfiber cloths in the past but were disappointed by their effectiveness. Microfiber cloths often push grime around instead of truly cleaning it, while screen cleaning solutions can be messy – or even damage your electronics. WaterBear provides a superior clean without the downside.

WaterBears are a popular Christmas gift and stocking stuffer. Everyone needs to clean their electronics at some point, which is why WaterBear works for everyone. Plus, you get a discount when buying in bulk, lowering the price significantly.

The sticky patch is a popular feature with WaterBear because it makes it easy to access. Instead of keeping your microfiber cloth nearby or putting lens cleaner on your desk, you can keep your WaterBear accessible at all times by sticking it directly to your device.

WaterBear has a 5-star rating with 450+ reviews from verified purchasers, according to the official website, along with 300,000+ units sold to date. It’s one of the internet’s trendiest electronic cleaning products.

Overall, most customers online agree WaterBear works as advertised to effectively clean electronic devices, screens, lenses, and anything else you need to clean.

WaterBear Pricing

WaterBear costs $17.95 per pack when ordering online through GetWaterBear.io.

Here’s how pricing works:

WaterBear Pricing

Each WaterBear pack comes with three pads, including two small pads (ideal for cleaning smartphones, glasses, camera lenses, and other small surfaces) and one large pad (ideal for monitors, laptop screens, and tablets).

WaterBear Final Reviews

WaterBear is a screen and electronics cleaning pad that makes it easy to clean phones, tablets, and more.

Available exclusively online, WaterBear cleans any screen or lens in seconds, wiping away smudges, grime, dirt, and bacteria. The pad works using nano carbon technology – the same technology used by NASA – along with an antibacterial solution. Just stick it to your device when you’re done.

To learn more about WaterBear or to buy the innovative cleaning product online today, visit the official website at GetWaterBear.io.

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