Whippy Charge Review 2024: Best Magnetic Charger Cable Cord

How many times have you run out of battery but realized you didn’t have the right charging cord with you? Or maybe you’ve plugged your phone in to charge, only to discover, hours later, that your damaged cord no longer works.

whippy charge Reviews

If you, too, have suffered the fate of not having a fully-charged device when you needed it most, I highly suggest you keep reading, as you are about to discover a one-of-a-kind charging cable capable of charging ALL of your devices, including your gaming controllers!

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What is Whippy Charge: Most Versatile Charging Cord

Whippy Charge is a multi-device USB charging cable that, in addition to allowing you to quickly charge any device, has a much longer useful life. it is fully protected against breakage and keeps your devices safe from surges. One of the most annoying things when you are charging a device while using it, is that the rigid cables hinder your movements. With the rotating head of the Whippy Charge multi-device charging cable you have up to 540º of movement, 360º lateral and 180 horizontally.

whippy charge

Whippy Charge was designed to provide hassle-free charging for each of your devices. Whether ‎you use an iPhone, USB-C Laptops (such as MacBook), a USB-C Android, or a Micro USB device, you can now wave goodbye to detangling messy cables. When you have Whippy Charge, you only have to worry about ONE charging cable.

Whippy Charge’s super-strong magnetic charging tips are specially designed for convenience and make cable-hopping from each of your devices easier than ever. No more mangled, tangled cords next to your bedside!

With over 10,000 charges over the life of this device, and a strong, flexible construction, the Whippy Charge multi-device charging cable stays like new much longer than conventional cables. In addition to this, the super resistant nylon cover and the double head, with 360º rotation in front and another 180º laterally, avoid internal stresses and breaks.

Whippy Charge Main features

One of my favorite features of Whippy Charge is its patented wear-resistant nylon material. This heavy-duty, tangle-free, braided nylon cable is highly resistant to splitting and breakage, making it virtually unbreakable.

With a tested 10,000+ bend lifespan, Whippy Charge is way more durable than other standard phone charging cords and will last you for years.

whippy charge Features

Whippy Charge Saves You Money

In the past few years, big-name smartphone companies stopped bundling chargers with their phones, causing consumers to pay an additional $30 – $50 on top of the cost of pricey smartphones and tablets.

And the ‘charger-theft,’ as many refer to it, is only getting started.

540 Degree Rotation

Whippy Charge’s charging head can be rotated 540 degrees, 360 degree rotation + 180 degree head rotation, to make charging more convenient while also using your device.


With Whippy Charge, you can easily stream movies, play video games, and text with friends without bending and damaging the cable. This next-generation charging cable is perfect for anyone who enjoys using their phone or tablet.


With a tested 10,000+ bend lifespan, Whippy Charge’s nylon braided charging cord is highly resistant to splitting and breakage and is more durable than other standard phone charging cords.

Whether ‎you use a Lightning iOS device, USB-C Android or Micro USB device, you can now rid yourself of cluttered cords and charge each device with one, durable charging cable.


Whippy Charge’s magnetic head technology can rotate a full 540 degrees, allowing you to use your device while its charging – without shredding its charging cable. Whippy Charge is the charging cable that will last you for years!

Rotating magnetic chargers provide safer and simpler charging options

Fumbling around to find your charging port in the dark or risking your safety to plug in your phone while driving are things of the past when you purchase a rotating magnetic charger.

whippy charge Review

The charging cable’s USB-C or Lightning attachment fits discreetly into your device’s charging port, and once in place, the strong magnetic cable will effortlessly connect to the attachment, reducing fiddly, frustrating, or awkward connections while you are on the move or relaxing at home.

Whippy Charge Main Benefits

  1. Detachable and interchangeable Lightning iOS, Android USB-C or Micro USB charging heads.
  2. Fast charging mode with intelligent system to prevent overheating or excess voltage.
  3. Flexible anti-interference layer that prevents background noise from being heard when talking while charging.
  4. More than 10,000 charges of useful life, even with fast chargers.
  5. Soft blue LED light that allows you to locate the device in the dark.
  6. Greater variety of inputs than even PhotoStick Omni and others .
  7. 360º + 180º articulated head that allows you total freedom of movement when you are loading.
  8. In addition to all this, the ends of the cable do not break, and its nylon fabric fully protects the interior even from humidity and dust.
  9. Compatible with AquaVault ChargeCard Ultra and other pocket chargers.
  10. Comfortable, practical and highly durable, you will always have a three-in-one charging system at hand.
  11. Learn how to clean connectors and you will also extend the life of the rest of your devices.
  12. 100% satisfaction guarantee, you have 14 days to return without obligation
  13. Free delivery worldwide.

Whippy Charge works flawlessly with:

  • ✅ iPhones, iPads, and AirPods
  • ✅ Android Phones and Tablets
  • ✅ PS4, XBOX, and Nintendo Controllers
  • ✅ Smartwatches
  • ✅ Amazon Kindles and Other Amazon Devices
  • ✅ Portable Speakers
  • ✅ Vape Pens
  • ✅ and So Much More!
whippy charge Benefits

And with Whippy Charge’s built-in LED indicator light, you can easily find your charging cord and charge your phone without disturbing others while they sleep.

Why We Suggest Whippy Charge?

Whippy Charge’s magnetic attachments will stay safely connected to your phone, thanks to the cable’s strong magnetic connection, for the easiest, most reliable charging experience out there.

Whippy Charge Customer Reviews

This charger is amazing. One cable works on all my devices: Apple, USB-C, and Micro. You get all three with each cable. You put the tips on your devices, then the cable works on all of them, with no adaptors to change each time. Another amazing feature: the connection at the port swivels 360 degrees for staying out of the way better, and again, less stress on the port. I can’t say enough about this product. I’ve bought them for everyone in my family. – William W.

whippy charge Features

I have been using these types of cards and charging adapters for a few years now and absolutely love them. These particular cords came nicely packaged and ready for use. No issues with the charging capability, and while the 10′ cords work great, you get faster charging on the shorter cables (no different than others). 10′ works great to use relaxing on the couch or in bed where you aren’t limited in distance. I will be buying again. – Jeffrey T.

These are great to help save the port on your phone from the constant plugging in and removing. I got a set for my mother, since she could not see her port to well to charge her phone due to a stroke affecting her vision. Also, great to use in a car. No trying to hold the phone and charger cord and fumbling to get it plugged it. Simply hold it up to the phone and “poof” connected. – Lisa D.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Whippy Charge

Which devices are compatible with Whippy Charge?

Whippy Charge works with all phones types/speeds via the correct charging connector, and is compatible with any device that has a Lightning, USB-C, or Micro-USB connector.

Will the magnets inside Whippy Charge damage my device over time?

No way! Whippy Charge will never damage your phone. The magnet is just strong enough for a connection but not strong enough to damage your device, so you have nothing to worry about.

Is it easy to remove the connector tip from the device’s charging port?

Whippy Charge’s connector tip will stay perfectly secure in your device’s port for normal, daily wear and tear.

Will my device still be water resistant when the connector tip is inside?

If your phone is dropped into water, it’s possible that water could be trapped within the tip causing corrosion. This shouldn’t affect the device’s ability to be waterproof/resistant, but it’s always best to thoroughly dry the tip and your device after removing it from water. Charging your device before fully drying the tip and could result in damage of your device and/or charger.

How strong is Whippy Charge’s magnetic connection?

Whippy Charge was designed to be the strongest magnetic fast charging cable on the market, so strong in fact that it can even lift your iPad without disconnecting!

Where can I buy Whippy Charge?

Whippy Charge is available online, you can buy Whippy Charge from its official store, you just have to place the order and you will receive Whippy Charge at home with totally free shipping.

You can take advantage of the introductory offer of Whippy Charge that they currently have and enjoy 50% discount and if you buy more than one item you can get a greater discount, with which you can make a gift or buy several for family members or your partner.

Depending on your country of purchase, you will have several forms of payment available, card, GPay… and with secure SSL encryption.

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