Woobles Reviews 2023: Easiest Way To Learn Crochet

I tried to crochet for the first time 7 years ago. After stumbling upon a YouTube video of a woman making all sorts of cute things with just a single needle and some yarn… I decided this would be a great fun & creative hobby for me! And certainly much better than something like photography, scuba diving, or anything too expensive & dangerous that requires me to leave the comfort of my couch and blanket. 😉

woobles review

After buying all my materials—a few different sizes of needles and 5 different colors of yarn, which was SO MUCH yarn!… I sat down on a Saturday afternoon in front of my computer and pulled up the YouTube videos. Honestly, it wasn’t even a half-hour later that I was so frustrated, I had to walk away. My needle kept going THROUGH the yarn, which made it look loose and ragged.

In the video, she kept SAYING she would go slow with her hands so I could follow along… but it was still WAY too fast. And the camera angles made it so that I couldn’t really see up close WHAT she was doing with her fingers, the needle, and the yarn. This project that was supposed to be fun, WASN’T fun at all. It just seemed wayyyyyy too hard!

Over the years, I would pick up my crochet needle again to see if THIS TIME would be different. But I kept missing a step, messing it up, starting over, getting overwhelmed, and ultimately… I gave up every time. That is until my girlfriend, Sarah, came over one day to have a girl’s night in with bad reality TV and some vino…

She saw my failed attempt and asked, “What’s this? Are you crocheting?!” I responded with a bit of embarrassment. “Well… I’ve TRIED to crochet. But I could never figure out how to make anything that actually LOOKED GOOD… “It always ends up looking like a child’s elementary school art project.” That’s when she shared something SO EXCITING with me!

“Girl, same. But then I found this starter kit that made the whole thing fun and easy for me!”
Sarah pulled out her phone to show me pictures of these cute little plush animals she had recently crocheted. Apparently, these crochet kits are made for absolute beginners – they make it so easy, you can’t fail!

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What is The Woobles, exactly?

The Woobles is a “fail-proof” crochet starter kit designed for beginners. Each kit gives you everything you need to create your own Wooble animal, from start to finish:

what is woobles
  • Custom-made “Easy Peasy” yarn designed for beginners
  • A crochet hook
  • A pre-started piece that gives you a head start and prevents you from starting over at zero (which is where so many people get discouraged and fail)
  • Easy-to-follow videos for left and right-handed people

Together, these innovative teaching tools make The Woobles the hands-down easiest way for anyone to learn to crochet. It’s genius!

It seems like such a simple concept, but my daughter immediately latched onto The Woobles. She followed the instructions on her own and was able to create something tangible to hold in her hands in just a few hours.

When my daughter put the finishing touches on her Wooble (she chose Pierre the Penguin), she ran into the dining room screaming, “Check it out — I did it!” She was so proud of her creation.

Crocheting was the first relaxing activity that kept my daughter’s eyes off her phone and laptop for more than 10 minutes. She’s kept up with it too — she says crocheting helps her unwind after a long day a lot better than her phone does. And since her eyes are on her project (not her screens), it’s a great project for her to do before bed.

How does The Woobles work?

Using The Woobles could not be easier! After all, it was invented by a former Google User Experience Manager — a woman whose job was literally to make things easy and enjoyable for people.

woobles Work

All your child has to do is open their crochet kit and follow the simple instructional videos. As I mentioned, each project’s “starting point” is marked with stitch markers, so your child knows exactly where to begin — and since their pre-started Wooble doesn’t ever unravel, your child literally can’t fail!

The fact that The Woobles is so easy and fun has boosted my daughter’s confidence — she’s extremely proud of her new skill and her Wooble creations. (Side note: Can we discuss how things our grandparents used to do are now “cool” with Gen Z? My daughter’s friends are now DYING to learn how to crochet!!)

Not only did my daughter gain a sense of pride and accomplishment from learning to crochet, it also gave her something to talk about. Finally, after a year of near-silence at the dinner table, my daughter often happily shows off her latest project or gushes about how she’s teaching her friends how to crochet.

Is The Woobles right for my kid?

Every parent just wants their children to be happy. But helping your kids find happiness, confidence, and self-esteem is hard. Honestly, I’m so grateful I found The Woobles because crocheting has done wonders for my daughter. Giving her a healthy, fulfilling hobby has all sorts of benefits:

woobles features

Decreases screen time: With the exception of following the instructions, The Woobles takes place entirely offline, keeping your child’s eyes and mind away from screens.

Relax and unwind: Being a tween or teenager in 2023 is stressful! Crocheting is a zero-impact, low-stress activity that kids can enjoy for the rest of their lives.

Learn a new skill: Honestly, it was hard getting my daughter to do ANY activity that didn’t involve an app on her phone. Crocheting is one new skill she’s loved showing all her friends (I mean come on, how many kids these days know how to crochet!?).

Gain a sense of accomplishment: At the end of her first project, my daughter had a completed crochet animal she could share with friends and family. She never got that sense of pride from scrolling through her phone!

Increased confidence: Studies have shown that harnessing new skills can increase one’s self-esteem. I’ve definitely noticed a change in my daughter’s mood and attitude — all for the better.

Gain a sense of community: The Wooble community is fantastic — they’re available through email or a private Facebook group where my daughter can ask questions whenever she gets stuck.

See if crocheting could make an impact in your child’s life My daughter has really changed after completing her first Wooble project. She’s on her phone less, she’s opening up to us a bit more, and she even seems to have developed some trust in my recommendations, believe it or not!

woobles features

In fact, she’s even promised to teach me how to crochet someday. I already know how, but I won’t tell her that 😉 After seeing how fun and easy The Woobles makes crocheting for tweens, I totally understand why the company has over a thousand 5 star reviews — and why 100,000 people have learned to crochet with The Woobles.

If you have a tween who just can’t stay away from their phone, you have to try The Woobles. It’s a fun, innovative way to help your child learn a new skill, it ignites their sense of creativity and accomplishment, and it gives them a way to relax and unwind. (Also, I’m telling you that crocheting has become retro-cool again — who knew?!)

If you’re ready to see why young people are falling in love with crocheting, get them a The Woobles kit today.

Where to Buy Woobles Right Now?

I noticed The Woobles website is running a special right now, so I wanted to come back and update this article so you don’t miss it!

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I don’t know how long the discount will last, but it seems like now is the perfect time to try your first The Woobles project. I know I’m gonna grab a couple more!

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