Xtra PC Review 2024 – Best Gadget For PC Speed Boost

Xtra PC Review: In this modern technological era, you do not have to deal with slowdown and lag on your computer. However, many people still need to put up with the system problem, which tends to slow down their computer efficiency, thus making their operation more difficult.

Though there are many factors contributing to it, you do not have to worry about this anymore since there are many possible solutions to the problem. It does not matter the cause of the problem, the underlying effect of the problem usually frustrate more so when you are on an urgent task on your computer.

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What is Xtra-PC?

Xtra PC is a product designed to help your computer run better and to boost your overall speeds. It is available in three different packages that let you choose which one to use based on how quickly you want your computer to run. As long as you have a USB port, you can use the device on both desktop and laptop computers. It only requires an internet connection the first time that you plug in the USB. When you use the product later, you do not need a connection to the internet. You can edit documents, watch videos and do anything else you want on your computer.

Every computer in the world uses some type of operating system that runs the device. The most common are Windows from Microsoft and iOS, which is the operating system used by Apple computers. Both of those systems charge a licensing fee and come loaded with software and programs that you’ll never use. Xtra-PC allows you to bypass that operating system and instead use Linux as your OS. This is the same OS that many professionals use today. In our Xtra-PC review, we’ll take an in-depth review of Xtra-PC and look at all the available versions of the product.

How Does Xtra-PC Work?

Your internet service provider (ISP) sets the maximum speed of your internet. Most companies have a cap and will slow down your data when you hit that cap. The speed can relate to where you live, the type of internet you have and even where you place the wireless router in your home. In areas where internet speeds are quite slow, providers often give their customers access to Linux. This OS typically comes on a disc that you need to insert int your computer. As many computers today lack a disc drive, you can get access to that same OS via Xtra-PC.

Xtra-PC not only gives you OS access, but it also comes with the support that you need. Those who have less experience with computers may have a hard time learning how to install the system and how to use it. The support offered by the makers of this product ensures that you can get help the first time you install the product and every time that you want to use it in the future. It comes on a USB drive that gives you extra storage too. The amount of storage available depends on which USB drive you buy.

How Does Extra PC Speed Up Your Old PC?

that works by bypassing your computer’s operating system and using a new one to make it faster.

Linux is a famous open-source operating system. And it’s being used by the biggest companies. While its interface is not like Windows (it’s more similar to macOS), Xtra PC offers its own distribution. Therefore, it looks and feels more like using Windows.

Basically, you can use your hardware and leave behind all the digital baggage installed by your OS and the programs you’ve been using:

  • Services that run in the background all the time
  • Scheduled tasks that run every hour, day, week, or month
  • Startup items that launch when you turn on your PC

As a result, you have more memory for active processes. And your PC becomes faster: as fast as it was when it was new!

How Can You Use Xtra-PC?

Using Xtra-PC is as easy as using a flash drive or a thumb drive to look at treasured photos. Once the product arrives, you need to remove the drive from the packaging and turn on your computer. You can then insert the drive into an available USB port on your computer. It’s helpful to close any running programs before you insert it. It can take a few minutes for your computer to recognize the drive, but it will then bring up a window that asks what you want to do with that device. You’ll want to click the prompt that allows the drive to run and download Linux on your computer.

The whole process should only take a few minutes, but it heavily depends on your internet speed. If you have a slower speed, it can take an hour or more to download it. You mustn’t leave your computer during this process because multiple windows will ask you different questions. When the computer nears the end of this process, you should notice some changes to your homepage or screen. Once Linux downloads, you can use that OS to do some work from home or anything else you want to do with your computer.

Where Can You Use it?

The list of things that you can do with Xtra-PC is almost endless. One of the main features of the product is the Linux OS, which lets you do the same things that you would with any other OS. You can use it to check your email and send new messages to those on your contact list. Other things you can do with this OS include:

  • Surf the web and visit some of your favorite sites
  • Access and edit documents
  • Listen to music
  • Download new files
  • Watch television shows, films and videos
  • Use any of the spreadsheets that you need

When you use Linux, you have full access to programs and software. One thing to keep in mind is that all your files may not transfer. As Xtra-PC overwrites the existing OS when plugged into your computer, it can also skip over some or all of your files. If you want to speed up your computer and still use your favorite programs, you may want to scan for viruses and check with your ISP about getting a signal booster. The Linux OS offered by Xtra-PC is a convenient way to use Google Docs and other online programs that you can access from any other device when you log into your account.

Xtra-PC Key Features

usually comes with a trial version of Minecraft for the new users or clients who wish to test the new technological breakdown of the Linux foundation. In case, the user already had Minecraft, all he or she had to do is to log in with username and password to begin on the task.

For those who do not have a Minecraft account, they can launch it by double-clicking on the desktop shortcut, then follow the prompts provided by the interface. Furthermore, it has other features that are crucially essential for users. By following all the instructions, the user can enjoy the innovative Xtra-pc with much ease. Other features of the device are as follows;

  • It has a date and time features in-built on the software.
  • Multi-monitor configuration
  • Network connection enable
  • Power management control that helps one to preserve energy.
  • Xtra-pc comes with an administrative user account
  • Manually setting for the monitor display on the desktop

Benefits of Using Xtra-PC:

  • You can reuse old computers that would otherwise wind up in a landfill
  • The included apps let you do your favorite online and computer activities with ease
  • All three of the products come with an updated version of the Linux OS
  • You can pick from those devices based on how much speed and extra storage you need
  • The USB drive lets you visit your favorite websites when connected to the internet, including Google and Facebook
  • Yahoo, USA Today and ABC are just a few of the leading websites that approve this product
  • You can save files to the drive that you view and use on other computers
  • It can significantly increase the processing speed of any computer
  • With the Pro version, you get software that recovers lost, damaged and some deleted files
  • The device makes it easy for you to upgrade as new updates become available for Linux operating systems

Reasons Why Your Computer Is Slow

Down below are just couple of reasons why your computer might be slow.

  • Not enough RAM memory.
  • Some programs are taking way too much memory on your hard drive when running.
  • Your computer doesn’t have enough memory on the hard drive.
  • Applications will start running in the background without your permission.
  • The hard disk that you’re using is 95% full.
  • Viruses and Malware that slow down your computer.
  • Way too many temporary files that clog up your PC.

Who’s This for?

Xtra-PC is for anyone who wants to use an old computer or a computer that runs too slowly. You can use the disk cleanup setting on your computer to delete temporary files and unnecessary programs, which can improve your speed. This doesn’t always work for everyone though. Xtra-PC generally works well for users who want to use Linux and those who feel comfortable switching to a different OS. You’ll likely notice that it is a little different from the one that you currently use. Some of those who could benefit from Xtra-PC include those who:

  • Want to make use of old computers that have older operating systems
  • Have computers they stopped using because of viruses and malware
  • Want to reuse a computer that lacks a hard drive
  • Have computers they wiped and no longer have operating systems for

You can install and use Xtra-PC on any type of computer that has a USB port. If yours lacks a port, you can contact the maker of the product and get access to an online version that works just as well. This product will require that you have both an internet browser and an internet connection though. You can use Xtra-PC on almost any type of computer.

Can You Use Xtra-PC on Any Computer?

While the makers of Xtra-PC claim that it can work with most types of computers and even those that don’t have hard drives, there are some system requirements to use any version. It will only work on computers with a 700 MHz microprocessor or higher. You also need a 2.0 or a 3.0 USB port and a minimum of 512 MB of RAM. The maker of the product recommends that your computer have at least 2 GB of memory. The computer also needs a graphics card capable of supporting HDMI, DVI or VAG.

The computer should have a BIOS that gives you access to the computer and lets it work with a USB drive. As you’ll insert the device into a USB port, it can only run if you can launch the program from that port. You also need some type of network card, but the device works with both wired and wireless cards. After you install and begin using Xtra-PC, you can work without connecting to the internet first. You can only install it if you have an internet connection though. This is because the device will use the internet to ensure that you have the most updated version of the OS.

Xtra-PC Customer Reviews

Creativity at its best, Xtra-PC is a breakthrough for tech enthusiasts and anyone that uses a PC. “I’m happy; it runs on windows so well that it adds more value, and this runs smoothly on windows 7 and 10,” comments one satisfied customer. Another happy customer, Jane Doerty, says,”I mean, 40 – 80 $ only for Linux distro on USB-drive, this is worth every penny. As an IT expert, I cannot help but celebrate this. This device can be used by anyone with much ease. While there are a few customers that didn’t entirely like the device’s features, overall, it appears Xtra-PC has impressed many people out there. Get yours today and start enjoying its benefits.

How Do You Install and Set Up Xtra-PC?

As we said before, using Xtra-PC is easier than you might think. Before you start surfing the web with Linux, you need to install and set up the tool, which includes:

  • Remove the top/cap from the Xtra-PC tool
  • Insert the flash drive into an open USB port on your computer
  • Wait for your computer to recognize the tool and start running it
  • Look for the first window will appear, which asks if you want to run the program
  • Respond to all the following prompts to make sure that tool can run

Though you can find Linux from other sources, installing those versions isn’t as easy as using Xtra-PC. With those programs, you need a good understanding of open source code as well as your computer. Unless you studied computer science in school, you might feel so confused about the program that you shut it down before getting to the best parts. Xtra-PC makes it easier for you to install Linux and reduces the risk that you might accidentally delete some of the important files from your hard drive. You just plug in the hard drive and respond to all the prompts that you see, which will add the new operating system to your computer.

Who Would Benefit from the Xtra-PC?

When you decide to get rid of an old computer, you need to wipe the hard drive first. This keeps the next buyer from finding confidential information and any other data that you don’t want to share. You should also wipe the hard drive before throwing away a PC because hackers can take that system from the trash. Experts also recommend wiping or removing the hard drive before you recycle an old computer. If you later decide not to get rid of the system and use it again, you may need to pay quite a bit of money for a new OS. Xtra-PC functions as the new OS that you need. Others who could benefit from this tool include those who:

  • Want to try building a PC from scratch
  • Plan to create a custom system or network and need a good OS
  • Have an older PC or laptop that they want to use again
  • Own computers that stopped working because of viruses, ransomware and other problems
  • Need to use an old computer but aren’t sure that it still works

You can even use Xtra-PC on a computer that stops on the startup menu. It helps you get by that menu and start using the computer again.

Is Xtra PC a Scam?

No, Xtra-PC is not a scam, but I don’t like the misleading way it’s being promoted as a fix for slow or old computers. The version of Linux being used by Xtra-PC is lightweight and will run faster on your old PCs for persons who just need to browse the internet and do other simple tasks. But, Xtra-PC may not work or work correctly with your printers and other devices connected to your PC. And, you will not be able to use Microsoft Office, play PC games and use other software that are not available for the lightweight version of the Linux distro being used by Xtra-PC.

Also, if you are a little tech savvy or know someone who is, you can or ask that person to create your own bootable Linux Distro flash drive like Xtra-PC. All you need to do it just buy a USB and install any free lightweight Linux Distribution OS using a bootable program.

Where to Buy?

We found on multiple websites that include Amazon. Most of the reviews posted on Amazon are quite poor though, and many of those reviews focus more on the site than on the product. We also found that Amazon allows third-party sellers to list the product for sale. When you buy from a third-party seller, you might get a used USB drive that someone already used on a different computer or one that lacks the original packaging. The best reason to buy Xtra-PC from Amazon is that you can get the product for a little less than it sells for on the official site. Some of the other reasons we recommend using the official Xtra-PC site include:

  • Range of products
  • Good warranty
  • Fast Shipping
  • Live customer support
  • Multiple payment methods accepted

The official Xtra-PC site also offers a discount for those who buy in bulk. You’ll pay full price the first product, but you then get a 40% discount that applies to all other products purchased at the same time. This is a great way to gift holiday gifts for tech lovers in your family. All purchases made through the official site come with a 30-day money-back guarantee too.

Frequently Asked Questions About XTRA-PC

How does Xtra work on PC?

What about ubuntu? Would that work? XTRA-PC is a simple flash drive that you insert into your USB port on your computer. It bypasses your old and slow Windows OS and replaces it with a blazing fast Linux OS that runs extremely fast.

My computer keeps booting into windows and XTRA-PC

The probable cause of this is that your system is not set to boot up from a USB stick. You need access BIOS settings and change that so that it can boot from a USB drive.
I got an error message when plugging it into windows 7 saying I have to format the drive before using it?
This usually happens because Windows 7 can’t recognize the Flash drive. No matter what DO NOT CLICK FORMAT OR YOU WILL BRICK YOUR XTRA-PC! Just click Cancel and restart your pc. The device should boot after that. We recommend you shut down your computer first then unplug the XTRA-PC Flash Drive.

I don’t understand how Linux works

Linux, just like Windows, is an operating system. It’s an open-source system, meaning experts from all over the world are also working to improve and enhance it, and it works much more reliably and conveniently than a Windows or Mac machine in many ways, able to stay safe from viruses, bloatware, corrupt files, and other common computing issues.

I’m worried it won’t work

There are long lists of positive reviews and 5-star testimonials from users of this great product to rid you of any doubts.

I could make my own USB drive with Linux OS

This is true, but you’d have to have a lot of technical knowledge and time on your hands to create such a device and use it effectively. Xtra-PC can save you a lot of time and hassle. Plus, it comes with exclusive proprietary software designed to speed-up your PC and recover lost or corrupt files.

I read some bad reviews

Xtra-PC has been improved and enhanced over time, so the latest version is even more effective and efficient than past versions, and many bad reviews have been left by users who simply didn’t understand what the device did. The current model is very highly rated.

Can you use one on more than one computer?

You can use the device with multiple computers; however, it needs one computer at a time. Since it is running through your USB slot, you must keep the USB stick in at all the times if you need/want to use Xtra-PC.

How many times can I use this product Extra-PC?

As long as it is working the way it should be.

Will this device work on a iMac computer?

Apple computers made after 2011 or newer will work.

Final Verdict

Working with a slow computer is incredibly frustrating. It can take minutes for the system to boot up and even longer before you can open a browser or run a program. While that slow speed can be the result of your location or ISP, it can also occur because your computer is too old. Xtra-PC is a handy product that works on modern computers and those that run any type of OS. It works on both laptops and desktops and can even work on computers that have a lack of space or no hard drive. All you need is a computer with a USB port that meets the system requirements of the maker.

It’s nearly impossible to look at this product without seeing some of the negative reviews. Those reviews point out that you can get access to Linux from other sources for free. While that is true, Xtra-PC provides you with extra support that you can get over the phone or online. It gives you access to all the programs that you love and can even give you access to some of the files saved on your computer. is one of the best products around to speed up old computers.

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