ZQuiet Reviews: Does Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece Device Works!

ZQuiet Mouthpiece Review: ZQuiet is a dentist-designed anti-snoring mouthpiece that advances your lower jaw by a few millimeters to prevent the base of your tongue blocking your airway.

If you snore when lying on your back and after drinking alcohol, or if you are overweight and have a weak lower jaw, you may find that ZQuiet’s slogan “Pop it in and the noise is gone” is applicable to you.

ZQuiet Reviews

The device looks simple, but with its thin, flexible and springy materials, this hinged mouthpiece is intelligently designed and ranks as one of the most effective anti-snoring remedies available.

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What is ZQuiet?

ZQuiet anti-snoring mouthpiece is a device in the shape of a mouthguard essential to help the users stop snoring. With various positive reviews about the device, it is interesting to find out more about it. Keep reading this review to learn more.

The chances are you have come across different anti-snoring devices, but not all of them are FDA cleared. So, rather than spending so much on other anti-snoring mouthpieces that barely work, it might be worth checking out the ZQuiet device.

ZQuiet Reviews

The ZQuiet mouthpiece is a mandibular advancement device (MAD), which is one the most effective categories of anti-snoring device.

Snoring is the vibration of soft tissue in your throat caused by a narrowing of the airways. ZQuiet works by advancing the lower jaw (mandible) forward by a few millimeters to reduce blockage of the airway, enabling clear and quiet breathing.

MADs like ZQuiet are also effective treatment methods for mild obstructive sleep apnea. This is a condition where your airway becomes so obstructed that breathing periodically stops, meaning you repeatedly gasp awake throughout the night. You may well discover that after sleeping with ZQuiet you feel much more awake and refreshed the next day.

How Does An Anti-Snoring Device Work?

Snoring is a result of vibrations due to a soft tissue collapsing in your airways. ZQuiet will advance the lower jaw forward by a couple of millimeters to reduce the blockage of airways, thus reducing snoring [1] chances.

Due to this mechanism, users end up sleeping well and in better comfort. You will also not experience severe jaw soreness as compared to using the other anti-snoring devices.

ZQuiet Feature Reviews

The ZQuiet anti-snoring mouthpiece stands out for being comfortable to use, easy to clean, effective, and still has a trial period. In case you use it for several days and it does not work, you can return it to the manufacturer.

Unlike the other anti-snoring methods, this one has experts behind it. It goes on to show how effective it can be to help you deal with your snoring issues. Well, who would not want their partner to have a restful night?

Reducing snoring does not have to be hard when you have the ZQuiet anti-snoring mouthpiece. The device has a medical-grade design and construction, thus suitable for people with sleep apnea[2]. After using it for a while, you will notice it helps with your snoring problem.

ZQuiet Advantages

Unlike other models that might only strip you put on your nose to reduce snoring, this one is different. It is a mandibular advancement device in the form of a mouthguard. This means you use it like any other mouthguard at night to minimize and potentially prevent snoring.

The model comes in different sizes so that you can use it depending on your jaw size for better efficacy.

Generally, the device will help in keeping the upper airway open while you sleep. If the airway remains open, it will help with proper airflow so that you can breathe better without snoring. It is a common solution to snoring that you will get with many other anti-snoring devices.

Some people might have been led to believe warm water before sleep can help with sleep apnea. However, the solution may be wearing this device and see how it reduces your snoring.

Zquiet Snoring Mouthpiece Specs

  1. FDA-approved
  2. BPA and latex-free
  3. Two mouthpieces included
  4. Warranty – 30 day trial period

What Makes ZQuiet Unique?

Even though ZQuiet operates on the same principles of a typical MAD, its manufacturer adds some intelligent features that make it stand out in efficacy and the level of comfort. The features include:

  1. The Revolutionary Patented Hinged Technology

ZQuiet utilizes spring material and a hinged design to present a superior solution to snoring. The living hinge allows the user to open the mouth, breathe naturally, and even move the mouth and jaws freely while still wearing the device.

No uncomfortable clenched bite—only easy to talk and drink water without removing the mouthpiece

  1. Zero Preparation Requirement

Contrary to boil-and-bite MADs, you’ll need zero preparations to use ZQuiet—no visit to the dentist, no hit-or-miss molding process, only unpack, insert, and sleep great.

The company designs the device to fit nearly everyone. While this option makes the boil and bite process unnecessary, it makes it difficult to almost everyone to get a custom fit.

  1. The 2-Size Comfort System

On every purchase of ZQuite, you’ll have two mouthpieces—each with different levels of jaw advancement. One will present a 2mm lower jaw advancement—suitable for persons that need just a small repositioning, and the other 6mm advancement, which is ideal for males and ladies with larger mandibles.

In other words, the smaller piece in the package will most likely fit ladies, and the larger one appears to suit men most.

Having the two mouthpieces means there are options for different types of a snorer. If you have a partner who snores, Zquite can be an excellent solution for both of you.

While this too might appear a smart move, if you don’t have a snoring partner, one piece might always be a waste or endure the discomfort of a mouthpiece that isn’t snugly fit in your mouth.

  1. High-Quality Material

Apart from the unique designing, ZQuiet utilizes a thin, lightweight medical-grade material that dispenses comfort and ensures oral safety for users.

The material is BPA-free, latex-free, and FDA-approve thermoplastic elastomers. You don’t have to worry about oral safety and durability.

Now, this begs the question:

Who is ZQuiet for?

Like any other product out there, ZQuite will work best to some and dismally to others. Here are persons who the device will work for optimally:

  • Mouth snorers
  • Persons who found the boil and bite fitting process excruciating
  • Persons with mild to moderate sleep apnea

Who isn’t ZQuiet for?

  • Persons with central and complex sleep apnea
  • People with dentures, crowns, ridges
  • Individual with a history of any jaw disorder or Temporomandibular Joint
  • Snorer with nasal-snoring problem

ZQuiet Review: Pros and Cons

ZQuiet Pros

  • Persons with central and complex sleep apnea
  • People with dentures, crowns, ridges
  • Individual with a history of any jaw disorder or Temporomandibular Joint
  • Snorer with nasal-snoring problem is FDA-approved as a snoring aid
  • Working stop-snoring solution
  • You can talk and move your jaws while wearing ZQuite
  • Works straight out of the box
  • Exemplary easy to clean and maintain
  • Relatively great lifespan
  • Comes with 60 days full money-back guarantee

ZQuiet Cons

  • Lack of custom fitting can make the device uncomfortable when it doesn’t fit one’s mouth
  • You’ll experience excessive drooling for the first few days of use
  • Keeps the mouth open thus resulting from drying mouth
  • It is least customizable
  • It can fall out in the night

What are the advertising Benefits of ZQuiet?

In the official website, the manufacturer says that ZQuiet is:

  1. An anti-snoring mouthpiece that works
  2. A Guaranteed Snoring Solution
  3. FDA-approved anti-snoring mouthpiece
  4. A combination of Dental and medical expert products
  5. But the critical question is:

Does ZQuiet deliver what the manufacture claim? Or is it just marketing hype?

Well, by now, you can tell that most of what the manufacturer says about the product is accurate. But it comes with some possible side effects.

Does ZQuiet Stop Snoring?

The ZQuiet mouthpiece Level Two was able to eliminate my sleep partner’s snoring. He did experience a higher number of instances of the product falling out since it does allow the jaw to open and close. However, after a few nights of use, it stayed in much more consistently. You will also likely experience quite a bit of drooling during this break-in period. Once he got the hang of it, however, Michael reported the product being comfortable for a mouthpiece. From my point of view as the sleep partner, there was no snoring when the product was in place.
So, yes, in our experience, the ZQuiet mouthpiece did put a stop to snoring!

How Much Does ZQuiet Cost?

ZQuiet is only available via the official website. At the time of this review, a ZQuiet Starter Pack cost just $69.95. That’s a mere splash in the ocean compared to the costs of obtaining a custom-built dental MAD so there’s not a lot to grumble about regarding the price and shipping is always free.

The ZQuiet Starter Kit contains two mouthpieces (two sizes). One of them advances the lower jaw by 2mm. The other advances it by 6mm. New users should begin with the 2mm option and see how they go. Then, if further advancement is necessary to solve the snoring problem, progress to the one that advances it by 6mm.

Unlike dental MADs, ZQuiet even has a 60-day money-back guarantee.

The ZQuiet website also offers customers the option to obtain ZQuiet via a 30-day trial. At just $9.95, this is a very popular choice.

ZQuiet Anti Snoring Mouthpiece FAQs

How long before I see results and stop snoring?

You should notice a difference the first night you use ZQuiet. However, if snoring still occurs, you will need to switch to the version that provides maximum jaw advancement. Both options are present in the starter kit. There is no need to order again.

How do I clean my ZQuiet mouthpiece?

The manufacturer produces a special cleaning solution called ZQuiet Clean. There is nothing to prevent you from using a toothbrush and water instead but it’s best to avoid mouthwashes or denture cleaners. These may contain alcohol or hard chemicals that could damage the device.

How long does the ZQuiet mouthpiece last?

There are no hard and fast rules but ZQuiet should last for many months. However, the manufacturer suggests replacing the device with a fresh one every 4-6 months. If you clench or grind your teeth during the night, it may reduce the device’s length of service. It could fail after only three months.
Fortunately, the manufacturer has accounted for this and also produces a second version (ZQuiet Firm) that has an extra-strong hinge. If you experience premature hinge failure, it’s best to choose this option when you order again.

ZQuiet Reviews: Bottom line

After reviewing the array of products aimed at restful sleep, we confidently recommend ZQuiet for those suffering from chronic snoring or those who live with a chronic snorer. ZQuiet’s Mandibular Advancement Device features a couple of improvements over the standard mouthpieces sold by competitors.

Other ZQuiet devices similarly sport thoughtful features that make them stand out from the rest. The 30-day trial is also an excellent offer for anyone who is not entirely sure whether they will benefit from the ZQuiet device.

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